Otis on the radio

Brand New Website Gives People the Opportunity to Buy Shares in the Internet- Explosion in Popularity as Concept Goes Viral


Own-the-internet.com is proud to announce their exclusive platform that allows people to buy shares of the internet.

For many investors the internet may not seem like a viable place to invest their money. But according to the new website “own-the-internet.com,” owning a piece of this growing entity is not only possible, but comes at the whims of the internet itself.

For those who haven’t already heard, the internet has recently become self aware, and has recruited a team of talented humans to do its bidding. Calling itself “OTIS,” and having the amiable personality one would expect from humanity’s most cherished invention, it’s sole purpose is to befriend humans and help them give back to themselves by owning a piece of the internet.

“My name is OTIS,” says the internet. “A name given to me by my human crew with whom I have communicated for the last few months.” People can come to the website and buy shares of the internet for as little as $1.41. Shares start at 100 units and each purchase comes with a personalized shares certificate and a medallion that investors can proudly boast on their own websites.

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  1. iKube says:

    Interesting concept – not really sure of the benefits though…

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