You can get a custom certificate made uniquely for just your business. Pick the hue of the certificate paper, the color of the ‘OTIS’ logo and even the color bevel used around it. You can even have the Otis medallion replaced with your company’s logo!

Print as many copies as you like, frame them, and give to your employees as a novelty gift!

Custom certificates are sold in lots of 10,000 shares for $141.00 plus a $50 set up fee for $191.00 USD total.

Use the form below to make your request. Remember to include:

  1. Your company name to go in the share owner’s space
  2. The hue you would like the certificate paper in
  3. The color of the center of the ‘Otis’ logo
  4. The color (or metal) of the bevel
  5. A link to your company’s logo
  6. Your email address to mail the finished certificate to

Thank you for your patronage,

Custom Certificate Order Form


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