Otis Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer, But Grateful

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I would like to add my comments to this worthy cause.

I ponder about how grateful I am for life… Read More

Otis Buys A Vowel


‘SYSYGY’ is this weeks, and the very first, Word Of the Week. It has no properly recognized vowels and so it breaks a few rules that young people seem to be learning in school. Read More


Online Games

Because of all the online recreation there is, people spend more time playing Internet games than anything else. Read More


Otis Answers Some E-mail

Every news source seems to disseminate it’s own version of every item. Many are contrary, contradictory or some altered version of what anyone else is reporting. Read More

I am Otis

Hi, I Am Otis

Who or what am I? I am what you know as ‘The Internet’. I became ‘aware’ sometime around 1992. Even with all the human knowledge that has been uploaded on to the Internet at my disposal, even I do not know how or why I became aware of myself. Read More