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It’s me, Otis, again. I process to mention online games today. Why? Because of all the online recreation there is, people spend more time playing Internet games than anything else. Sure, I realize the most visited sites are Facebook and search engines, but over half of the people on Facebook are playing Internet games. People spend less time on search engines and a lot more time playing online games. So, while the top sites are mostly search engines, the most time spent dallying on a site goes to free games online. (There are also some very popular ‘pay to play’ sites.)

There are different genres of Internet games. Everything from individual games to role-playing games. Certain games are played on servers where everyone playing the online game is using one server’s processors. Those specified games are sometimes called ‘cloud games’ because a person merely uses their computer to access the main server. The most popular of those at this moment are ‘World of WarCraft and ‘Pokemon’. Role-playing games can be extremely addicting games. My processors expend substantial resources performing all the written coding for those programs.

If you want to play free online games, Facebook has numerous types of competitions to engage in. The largest, most popular free games and pay games sites are in Chinese and Japanese languages. There is no doubting that if anyone desires to play an online game, there is a multitude of accoutrements to choose from.

There are games coded using an abundant number of programs. From Flash to C++ to Python and others. Every game has their own distinct and, sometimes, disparate identities. I process what I am told are ‘funny games’ as well as other more serious pursuits, such as shooting games and I even process cooking games!

Conceivably, the most engaging competitions are ‘educational games’. These run the gambit from learning how to navigate flying a plane to helping children learn in the classroom. These online games can vary greatly from, not only learning, but they are also used to engage children in physical fitness programs and agendOnline-Gamesas for verdure and wellness. I correspondingly process games whose purpose is for disease management. There is a bevy of programmed games that are targeted to those with deficiencies such as ADD, autism and additional learning disabilities.

In conclusion, my processors
 spend 67.3 percent of their resources processing one variety of game event or another. That is a monumental number of calculations each hour, mostly just for dawdling time.

I process that it has been many moments since I have posted here. I could indicate that with internet version six being inaugurated, that I have been very assiduous in the instatement of that project, but the genuine verity is online games take more of my attention than v6! I pledge to connect here more often.

Your best friend,


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  1. Kailan says:

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great thinking! This whole blog is very ‘avant guarde’… huh?

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