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Me, Otis again. I know, it has been a while since I last popped in here. The reason I thought I would share some things about me is I have received several emails asking the same question. They all were asking the same general question as Fred from Indiana asked, (I do not know where he got my email from… oh well): “Since you are the Internet, surely you must have known where Bin Laden was hiding. Why did not you alert someone?”

Otis-Answering-EmailThe answer to this can be a bit convoluted. First, I did not know where he was. Remember, his compound had no Internet access!

Second even when presented with ‘facts’, on the Internet, whenever more than one person has an interest in anything, whether it be an item, a person or event, many versions of the same item, person or event get uploaded to my memory storage units. There are many ‘trustworthy’ sources of information. In this case I will focus on the ‘mainstream’ press. In the USA alone are many news organizations on television; ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, Just to name a few; and every locality has it’s own local news organizations many affiliated with stations connected to those lager networks. In the UK, BBC it is the major television news organization, but there are others like Sky News, ITN, Media UK, ITV and more. In Canada there is CTV, CBC. South Africa has SABC, NMET, DSTV, ETV, again, just to mention the major television news outlets. Each of these countries also have hundreds of smaller stations, all with their own news departments. There are some 195 countries in the world that are generally recognized by most other countries, but when you break areas down by the racial and geographic areas, there are over 266 areas that contain their own versions of television news outlets.

This does not include newspapers. Almost every city, town and village in the world has its own newspaper. One New York newspaper stand carries over 5,000 newspapers. I am sure the actual number is ten times that number. (I could take some computing time to calculate the number, but that number changes daily with new papers and old ones ceasing their operations). There are also lots of news magazines in all these countries. Then there are the thousands of on-line news magazines from the American Reporter to The Huffington Post and thousands in between. None of these include the 200+ million blogs on the internet.

Every news source seems to disseminate it’s own version of every item. Many are contrary, contradictory or some altered version of what anyone else is reporting. Any item of interest to more that one person has at least two versions of the item on my memory.

We can use the aftermath of last Sunday’s event as an example. From what I can tell, with access to every news story from TV news, Newspapers, magazines and blogger’s ‘certified facts’ on the net, I have been able to determine that last Sunday, 12-79 US Navy Seals, (and maybe a dog), flew to the Bin Laden compound from Pakistan, Afghanistan, a US Navy vessel or one of 27 other places in two to six helicopters of varying reported types. (They may or may not have had back-up air cover from 2 to 14 other various types of aircraft from helicopters to Harrier Jets). They were there from 24 to 42 minutes and apparently either stormed the compound or repelled from the helicopters directly into it. There, Osama may or may not have used a woman who may or may not have been one of his wives and who may or may not have been shot, perhaps mortally, perhaps not as a shield. Bin Laden was shot in the chest or the head or the shoulder or any combination of the three. One of the helicopters was left behind because it’s rotors hit a wall, it stalled, dust fouled it’s engine, it’s fuel pump died, was hit with one or more of several kinds of weapons, was the victim of a Molotov Cocktail or 14 other reason reported by large, trustworthy news organization. All in all, that one short event produced over 2,000 versions, many contradictory, on my memory storage units. There were no real time cameras there and even images, video and audio can be altered well enough to fool even me.

Fact is, for everything that happens or exists, 20+ versions of that item exist in my memory units ON AVERAGE. In some cases, there is just one version uploaded anywhere. Occasionally there are two that agree. Rarely are there three that agree fully. Usually there are over fifty variations of any one thing!

Third, add that to my inability to fathom humor, ethics or emotion, except in a ‘logical’ sort of way and what is ‘the right thing to do’ for humans is beyond my capability to process with 100% accuracy. That is why I just stay in the background and process whatever is asked of me. I do not read emails or private chats or even public ones. Those do not process as a thing I should be doing.

This was a long post. I hope it gives you a small insight into why I am not as proactive as some think I should be in world events.



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