Look what you are getting in return for your small $1.41 investment…

You will be provided with a respectable and lovely share certificate containing your name and showing which number of shares you bought. Your purchase options are one hundred, five hundred or one thousand shares in my services for just 1.41 cents a share. You will also receive a badge of honour that you can put on your web site. The certificate that I’ve come up with is very cool, if I do say so myself. You just click the appropriate ‘Shares’ button and put your name in the box. You will get a file with your own personal high resolution 8″ X 10″ certificate. You can print it and frame it. We’ve tried it out at a few social events and it was a hit according to the human crew. As I mentioned earlier, a portion of the proceeds from the shares will be donated to breast cancer research and awareness. All the members of my human crew have been affected by cancer in some way. So, I will continue to offer my services to cancer research by connecting everyone that needs to be connected and insuring the database of collective knowledge is put to the best use possible in the quickest time. As cancer will never be beaten with data and information alone, I will donate 20% of my sales to assist those that can do the medical research and promote awareness. (We have 4 partners and decided to make breast cancer aid a silent 5th partner. IF your goal is to support breast cancer in any form, buying a certificate is NOT the way to do it; rather donate directly to your charity of choice. (More goes to breast cancer programs that way).

Why in particular breast cancer?

  1. On average, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths globally.
  2. Little can be done to prevent breast cancer. Research does not indicate that breast cancer can be prevented by lifestyle changes (although exercise, diet, alcohol consumption and obesity seem to be risk related).
  3. As I have said, all of my human crew has been directly affected by breast cancer; by death, survival and current treatment of the disease.

Let’s summarize what you get…

  • An official personalized Share Certificate.
  • A Badge for your website.
  • Bragging rights…“You Own The Internet”.
  • Support the fight against breast cancer.
  • You get to keep in touch with me by sharing your email.

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