Breast Cancer, But Grateful

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I would like to add my comments to this worthy cause.

I ponder about how grateful I am for life, for love and for those individuals helping cancer patients through their treatments and skills. I am grateful for early detection success due to cancer awareness campaigns, thus prolonging my life expectancy.

The diagnoses of breast cancer at 26 years of age helped me determine my priorities and really appreciate life. It helped me identify what truly is precious and meaningful and I am grateful that I was allowed a “jump start” to the beauty of life where others may realize their priorities too late.  

Otis Supports Breast Cancer AwarenessHail to the patients who have the courage to sit through hours of chemotherapy. Who gets poked with needles more than anyone should ever have to experience and who, despite of fatigue and often severe toxic side effects will still continue bravely with daily activities and work and do so without much complaint.  Who greets fellow patients with a smile and shares inspiring stories to help the time go by.

Hail to our loved ones who support us every step of the way, who accompanies us to doctor’s appointments, chemo sessions and the many tests we have to undergo.  Who patiently listen to our fears when everyone else tells us to “be positive” and who makes us feel safe. Who puts up a brave face, providing words of courage despite their own fears. For friends and colleagues who are concerned and occasionally send an email, text or calls to hear how we are doing.

Hail to those individuals involved with cancer research, treatment and awareness campaigns. To doctors who make us feel like people and not statistics, and chemo nurses who know their calling.

 At 34 I now have stage four cancer and was told I will possibly need treatment for the rest of my life. The cancer had damaged or destroyed a nerve in my left arm and I have lost 50% functionality of it.

I have had the opportunity to experience marriage and motherhood which has enriched my life in so many ways and, although I might still die of the disease, I am grateful for it. I know what is important in life and I am so grateful for the support I have been given by those around me.

Most importantly, I encourage everyone to do self examinations. Realize that early detection can indeed prolong your life and endeavor to replace fear with courage in the face of adversity.

~Cathy (From The Human Crew)

You can see why we share our profits with breast cancer awareness, research and support.  You can read her whole story here: I Have This Little Garden Stories. ~Otis

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3 Responses to Breast Cancer, But Grateful

  1. Brian DeMoss says:

    I follow you on twitter and thought I’d dive a little deeper. My time was well spent. What a well written post. My associate lost a friend to Breast Cancer a few moths ago. It was the second time she fought the battle and this time she lost. Thank you for taking the time to post around this subject. I don;t think I’ve ever seen it handled in quite this way before. You did the Month justice. I wish you continued success with your blog.

  2. Hesti Balt says:

    Inspirational as always Cathy…you and your family will forever be in my prayers…

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